I purchased a dining room table with 6 chairs, 2 are arm chairs, the other 4 are sit-ins. I was also receiving other furniture at the time and they were only able to deliver 2 of the arm chairs.

Ok, no problem, until I sit in the one chair and it's wobbly because the one leg is 1/2 inch off from the rest. I call them, and they said they'll exchange it, so no big deal. I even did them a favor by having them deliver all the other remaining table and chairs along with the exchange. So I get all my furniture along with the new chair, and about a week later the side chair breaks.

They tell me that they're going to exchange this one. I tell them that's fine, but I can't keep taking time off (using my vacation time to deal with this) so fortunately for them I have a contractor friend who's working on my house. They give you these ridiculous long time frames (3 hour windows) in which the furniture will be delivered. Well as luck would have it, my friend has to run off to get some parts, and they tried to deliver it then.

Then I complain to people over there about the missed delivery and they tell me there's nothing they can do but they can reschedule it next Wednesday. So finally I get to speak to a supervisor about it and they schedule the delivery for this Saturday, which is fine, but then another 3 hour window from 2pm-5pm which to me is unacceptable since I may not be there at that point in time. Nothing you can do about it, but I recommend don't patronize them.

You'll get shafted from them, even though you may spend some big bucks on their crappy furniture that can't even make it a week without breaking.

Review about: Darvin Furniture Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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